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Movement Theater...where the ARTS come alive!

Nazareth, PA.


Colleen Samsel - Owner/Artistic Director

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"I love making friends and being in the studio with everyone. I also love taking the time to act and be a totally different person.  Kennedy, age 11

"I love acting because it is a way to express yourself! The way you express yourself in the people you are playing is great! I love everything in acting! The face, the emotion, and the friends you make.

I LOVE ACTING!  Abby, age 11

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Dance Classes:

We have a few openings in our current dance classes. We need 3 to start a new class. We offer Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and Tap. A dance combo class can also be created. We also offer private lessons.


Acting Levels: 

2nd-4th grade - The Young Actor

5th-6th grade - The Emerging Actor

7th gr-HS - The Growing Actor

18yrs plus - Acting for Adults

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Acting Workshops for all levels!



Humor, the capacity to express or perceive what's funny, is both a source of entertainment and a means of coping with difficult or awkward situations and stressful events. Although it provokes laughter, humor can be serious business. From its most lighthearted forms to its more absurd ones, humor can play an instrumental role in forming social bonds. Explore a four week intensive journey into Slapstick Comedy, Stand up Comedy, Dark Comedy, & Situation Comedy.

Video presentations to show and deepen understanding of each form of comedy.

Safe interactive learning using analytical and creative expression through writing and conversation.

Performance exercises including timing , physical humor, voice and inflection.

Line delivery.

Swing/Standby/Understudy Course 

What is a Swing? Or Understudy? Swing: An actor, singer or dancer who understudies the ensemble performers in the show. Understudy: Is someone who covers a principal role. Class Objective: Answer: Why is it important for an actor to learn the skills needed to be successful in these roles? Learn: 6 tips on how to be a great Swing or Understudy plus 14 Behind-the-Scene Secrets Activity: Have fun working on a short scene incorporating newly acquired skills.

Character Study Class 

Class Objective: Each Actor will take a character (unknown to them) from a short play (also new to them) and answer a number of in depth questions about the character. As the questions are answered and the discoveries are explored, each Actor will realize the connection they have to each character they play. The Actors will come away with fresh ideas and practical skills to help them develop future roles in a more authentic way

Covid Rules:
*Social distancing, mask wearing, and hand sanitizing protocol will be adhered to during the classes.

*3-5 students max for acting
*Bring water bottle