Costume & Tights Pick-up Parade!

Costumes & Tights can be picked-up on Saturday May 23rd between 10-10:30am at Movement Theater.
Even if you received your costume already, you may still need tights - we have them! No money is due!
This will be a drive-thru/curbside pick-up. Please pull into the driveway closest to MT and Curt’s Bike Shop. Form 1 line (do not park).  I will have a table set-up in front of Smooch with costumes/tights ready to go! We will have masks on and do a quick social distance delivery to your car! Please exit going toward the driveway at the other end. Thank you! *This does not pertain to Kids Theater/Tween Theater/Voice
***Even if your child is not participating in our virtual showcase, please pick-up your costumes.
Please note: Returns cannot be made. The costume companies are not doing returns. 
Virtual Showcase 2020 Info

Zoom classes will take place for 2 weeks (Week 5 & 6) at your regular class time!
Our DRESS REHEARSAL & SHOW DAY will be Saturday May 30th between 9:30am-12noon.
This day kids will get in costume, hair, make-up and have a scheduled dress rehearsal on Zoom.
There will be time in between zoom slots for those that have more than 1 costume to change and prepare for their next time slot.
We will let you know if we are recording on Zoom that day or if you will be recording your child and submitting. Either way, May 30th will be the performance day – please mark your calendars! Time slots will be assigned soon! Hair & Make-up info will be coming soon as well! 

***If you did not email me to sign-up, I am assuming your child is not participating.