Tues Acro II- "Castle"

Thurs Jazz- 'Tea Party'

With only 6 weeks to rehearse for the Spring Showcase, practicing at home is VERY important. Each week we will try to update the rehearsal videos from class for your dancer to practice at home. Once your instructor teaches you choreography, it is the dancers job to remember it and be prepared to learn more next week!

Tues Lyrical- 'War at Home'

Stephen- 'Wall Street Shuffle'

Willy Wonka


Tap 1- 'Fashion'

Cont. Jazz- 'Seven Devils'

Tap 2- 'Welcome to NY'

Acro 1- 'Shake Senora'

Spring Showcase

Rehearsal Videos

Tues Jazz/Hip Hop- "Feeling Good"

Sat Hip Hop- 'Loose Control'